We deliver actionable information for enhanced decision making.

Peripheral transforms data chaos and information overload into clarity and focus.

Navigating Complexity
Transforming Diverse Data into Actionable Insights
Multi-Source Data Connection: By sifting through proprietary information, news, current events, industry-specific feeds, and private company details our platform pieces together a comprehensive picture of information.
Finding and Connecting the Dots: Utilizing a combination of LLMs, knowledge graphs and custom algorithms, we analyze the data to uncover relationships between occurrences and narrow down the information relevant to you.
Knowledge: Providing actionable information to help identify opportunities and mitigate potential threats for your business.
Always-on AdvisorEngage with our AI-based advisor for round-the-clock strategic guidance. Personalize the insights that matter to you.
Actionable InformationPeripheral filters out the noise, distilling complex information into personalized insights.
Connecting the dotsPeripheral analyzes multiple data sources to uncover hidden connections and non-obvious opportunities to drive your business forward.
Anticipatory IntelligenceAnticipate trends and make strategic decisions in advance.